Get Enterprisey with Rust part 5 - OpenApi support??

This is the fifth part of the growing series on what you need to know about Rust to make it useful for your customers.

So far we covered:

  1. initial setup with axum and postgres, logging and dates
  2. input validation on incoming Json objects
  3. working with environment variables
  4. Constants and regular expressions (and cows)


OpenApi/swagger support is on my whishlist. It still is, because, at least in Axum, the web framework that I chose, there is nothing that would generate an openapi.yaml/json based on attributes in my application.

There are other frameworks that do support this, like rweb and there is actix-swagger for actix. Rweb doesn’t seem mature, and while actix is, actix-swagger explicitly says ‘Not for production use yet’ and it looks that it won’t be anytime soon.